Casino dvd review royale

Casino dvd review royale mgm vietnam casino

Teasing with a gritty, black and white opening reminiscent of Bonds-passed, we watch how Bond callously performs the two professional hits that will promote him to status with the British Secret Service. October 18, Full Review…. Soaring building to building, Bond follows his prey into to the Nambutu embassy where his assassination of Mollaka, destruction of the embassy and flagrant violation of international law are not only captured on camera but immediately plastered throughout the on and off-line media.

Call it the birth of Roylae. Not to mention, he is surrounded by a stellar supporting cast. Veronika Hladikova as Tennis Girl. Rawhead Rex - Blu-ray Review. You are using an outdated browser. Tom So as Fukutu. View All Videos 1.

MGM Comedy $ Blu-ray. Not rated. Stars David Niven, Woody Allen, Peter Sellers, Orson Welles, Ursula Andress, Joanna Pettet, Daliah. Casino Royale is one of the good ones and not just for the way it wittily recontextualizes several series touchstones, my favorite being Bond's. A DVD review by Glenn Erickson (DVD Savant) of the film Casino Royale.

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